"*Limit Groups" notifications limits not everything


There is some collision in profile notifications setting.
When you check to get “All Tickets*” updates notifications and chose some groups limitations (* Limit Group) then logically you have to recive notifications only of the tickets from groups you selected. But indead you will get the notifications even for tickets belongs to groups you did not selected in (* Limit Group).

I read the documentation and I saw that you sad about group limitations “…You will continue to receive notifications for your own tickets”. But what for this exception is? if there is already separate function (“My tickets” - “Updated tickets”) where you can set this if you whant (and you will get tickets notifications where you is the owner).
If we speak about group limitation - it should really limit the groups notifications. For now this is just limit the users who don’t whant to get this type of notifications (where they are the owners).

About (All tickets* - New tickets) is the same situation. You still will get notifications of the groups where you turned off the notifications (if you are the owner). But again - there is independend way to set this “My tickets - New tickets” flag. So there is no need in this exception too (to send me notification of the group I turn off).
So it will be greate if in future versions of Zammad you will change this logic and limit group notifications will works as real limit of groups notifications without exceptions.