Let agents edit their own user fields


  • Used Zammad version: 3.3.x
  • Used Zammad installation source: deb package
  • Operating system: debian 10
  • Browser + version: various / N/A

Expected behavior:

  • Agent can edit their own User fields (as seen when editing a Customer), but not other Agent’s data.

Actual behavior:

  • Under User -> Profile there is very limited fields. No access to user field editing unless Edit Users permission is granted which lets them edit other Agents, Admin’s etc.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • N/A

If I have just missed something in the interface please say - but it seems that Agents can’t edit their own user object (like then can to a Customer). This is important so they can manage their own Name, Phone Number etc.
Have I missed it? Or can I edit the config to enable this one way or another?


Agent’s can’t set user roles unless you provide them the “users” permission.
Agents can, at all times, edit all user fields except for password and permission settings.

This is because any use potentially can be a customer in Zammad.
This usually shouldn’t be a problem.

As you’re talking about agents being able to edit user rights, I guess they either have administrative rights or at least “user” permission.

Thanks for your reply @MrGeneration - sorry if I wasn’t very clear, and I may just be missing the way to do this.

Short version: When an Agent does Edit Customer they access a modal of User info. Can they access that modal for their own User info?


  • An Agent can view a ticket, then Edit Customer and access a modal window where they can set various User fields (screenshot attached).
  • As an Admin I can go to Admin -> Users -> select a user and access a modal window where I can set various User fields.
  • As an Agent I expect to be able to a access this same modal to edit my own information, or otherwise edit my own User fields, however I cannot see anywhere I can access it. E.g. Admin -> Profile -> ... is an ‘obvious’ place to look but I don’t see it.

I want / expect an Agent to have rights to manage their own User info (maybe with restrictions), e.g. Mobile number.

Am I missing something?

Thanks for your help,