LDAP User Sync fail (failed TCP failed)


Expected behavior:

  • LDAP Sync complete without any problems

Actual behavior:

  • LDAP User Sync fail ( failed tcp failed -> User)

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Install OpenLDAP, create and start Zammad with docker-compose, setup the LDAP Integration.

The LDAP-Server is reachable without any problem (it works with Nextcloud). I’m not sure, if this is a docker problem.
To investigate the Problem, i tried the Debug Scrypt from here in the railserver container, it outputs only the following:

I, [2020-07-18T12:30:46.082336 #35-46939818342760] INFO – : Setting.set(‘models_searchable’, [“User”, “Organization”, “KnowledgeBase::Answer::Translation”, “Ticket”, “Chat::Session”])

Have anyone a solution for that?

Hi @LordofAgents and welcome to the community! The script actually doesn’t perform any output but writes to a dedicated log file called debug_issue.log as stated in the referenced post. Would you mind sending it to support@zammad.com and refer to this post and me? I’ll have a look.

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