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We had installed zammad on CentOS7 and want to bind it to out LDAP 389 (Kolab). There were shown no users, because i don’t find a possibilty to manipulate the base dn to seayrch for users. We need more base dn’s to find our user. But where to write these informations in? all trys are “syntax incorrect” or other failure messages…

  • Used Zammad version: 2.1.0
  • Used Zammad installation source: (source, package, …)
  • Operating system: CentOS7
  • Browser + version: Firefox (newest always)Auswahl_106

Expected behavior:

Actual behavior:

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Hi @Ruebenmaster - what’s the objectClass of your users? Usually Zammad should detect your users and let you define a custom base dn in the mapping view in the expert settings block below.

Hallo Thorsten,
we have many firms under the umbrella from Rhenus and Contargo. So we need to split them under their firm number and the location the sitting…

thats on the picture seeing.

but at the bse dn there is only the contargo.net writing, no chnace to extract this or use more than one dn.


Hallo Thorsten,
i try this so many times. Is there a possibility to connect with teamviewer to see how the Kolab LDAP 389 is organize the users in our firm?

the ruebenmaster

Hallo Thorsten,
what do you mean with object class? The uid?

Distinguished Name (DN): uid=ruebenmaster,ou=DENKBI01,ou=9999,ou=People,dc=domain,dc=net


Hey @Ruebenmaster

any ldap object can have multiple objectClasses. For users it’s usually something like

  • person


  • user


  • organizationalPerson

Just use any ldap browser (f. e. this http://www.ldapadministrator.com/) and have a look at your directory with it. You’ll know it when you see it.


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Hallo svnr-dvnkln,
i’m not so fit in LDAP. Maybe it will be"inetorgPerson". I will try this.


in have a look. The objectClass is “Array”… But i don’t find a field to do this in the configuration of zammad ldap. Whre to configure this?

Why it is always so difficult to connect to LDAP right… ?


Hallo Leute,
ok, ich gebe auf! Wir werden ein anderes System nutzen müssen. Wir haben viele Systeme an unseren LDAP Server angebunden, alle erfolgreich. Zammad bildet hier hartnäckig eine Ausnahme!
Gerade für Menschen die in LDAP keine absoluten Profis sind, haben hier keine Chance. Dies ist aber in unserer Umgebung ein KO Kriterium…, tja, das ist das KO.

Selbst bei der Dokumentation von zammad im Internet findet die Suche die Schlagwörter LDAP oder objectClass erst gar nicht!!!Wie soll man da erfolgreich den LDAP Server verbinden?

Mag sein, dass das eine tiolle Helpdesk ist, aber die LDAP Anbindung ist absolut nix!

;o) Alternativ darf ich nun otrs installieren. Danke zammad.



Sometimes reading the documentation helps :wink:

https://docs.kolab.org/architecture-and-design/ldap.html#a-default-kolab-user shows the possible values for objectClass ob a Kolab user.

I recommend using kolabinetorgperson


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Hey @Ruebenmaster,

you need to configure your user filter in System - Integration - LDAP.
The default for an MS Active Directory is (&(objectClass=user)(samaccountname=*)(!(samaccountname=*$)))

If you want to import ALL users something like (objectClass=_WHATEVER_) will do the trick.
Considering you’re using kolab and the recommendation of @rkaldung you could probably use:


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Hallo there,
many thanks for all your tipps.

the objectClass is inetorgPerson. Now i have 1273 Users \o/

Only the information fields are wrong. The surname is free, Lastname is surname and other funny things… But i will solve them these days.

Have a nice week and a lot of fun… Hope Nikolaus brought you much gifts.

This Issue can be close.


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Thanks anyone for your support and patience! I see a great community growing :sunflower: closing now.