LDAP endless loading


i have some trouble with my ldap sync.
It is saying " Counting entries. This may take a while." for ever (4h+) or its loading all 14.000 users from my AD but didnt create an account for everyone (maybe just for some 100 users…).
(14.000 is not the actual user count, MAB is also active)

First, i thought is my ldap cluster that takes so long to send everything to the machine, but that is not the problem…
Than i thought my machine has not enough power to create 14.000 entries at once, so i gave it 16 cores and 64GB RAM, way to much but for testing enough :smiley:

But this didnt help either.
Internet connection is not the problem, its in the same building, 1GB/s is easy possible.

So my LDAP settings:


User Filter:


Users without assigned LDAP groups

Assign signup roles

Here is another question, is there any documentation about the ldap configuration?
What does the user filter exactly do?

to what does the filter “Users without assigned LDAP groups” refer to?

Thanks for your help, maybe i´m to stupid to understand the ldap settings here ^^

OS: Debian 9.9
Version: Zammad version 2.9.x
Webserver: Nginx

Best Regards.

btw, its not the first program that runs with ldap, we have also nextcloud and internal web-servers for example with no problems…

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