LDAP (Active Directory) fails to create connection


  • Used Zammad version: 5.2.0-1655876832.f76a8336.buster
  • Used Zammad installation type: package
  • Operating system: Debian 10
  • Browser + version: Firefox 101.0.1 (64 Bit)

Expected behavior:

Connect to Active Directory and load users.

Actual behavior:

When configuring LDAP everything works fine until I press next on the last page. Then I get following error:

E, [2022-06-22T11:59:30.014452 #112-109040] ERROR – : ImportJob ‘Import::Ldap’ failed: PG::UndefinedTable: FEHLER: Relation »ldap_sources« existiert nicht
LINE 8: WHERE a.attrelid = ‘“ldap_sources”’::regclass

E, [2022-06-22T11:59:30.014502 #112-109040] ERROR – : PG::UndefinedTable: FEHLER: Relation »ldap_sources« existiert nicht
LINE 8: WHERE a.attrelid = ‘“ldap_sources”’::regclass


Steps to reproduce the behavior:

All I did was to activate LDAP and then add a source. Nothing out of the ordinary. It is a new setup.

Please follow the update documentation: Updating Zammad — Zammad documentation
Your upgrade has not been completed successfully.

What I did was:

Stop the Zammad service
systemctl stop zammad

Clear Zammad cache
zammad run rails r “Cache.clear”

Ran the update
apt update
apt upgrade

Updated Elasticsearch
zammad run rake zammad:searchindex:rebuild

Start Zammad
systemctl start zammad

I also restored Zammad to 5.1 and there the LDAP integration works without any issues.
When I updated to 5.2 with the instructions I get the same error again.

And there were no error tracebacks in your console output?

Thank you!! I got it now! I looked a little closer and it seems with the upgrade from Zammad, apt also updated PostgreSQL. This seemed to brick my setup because Zammad couldn’t connect to PostgreSQL anymore.

libpq5/buster-pgdg 14.4-1.pgdg100+1 amd64 [aktualisierbar von: 14.3-1.pgdg100+1]
postgresql-14/buster-pgdg 14.4-1.pgdg100+1 amd64 [aktualisierbar von: 14.3-1.pgdg100+1]
postgresql-client-14/buster-pgdg 14.4-1.pgdg100+1 amd64 [aktualisierbar von: 14.3-1.pgdg100+1]

I used following command to just update Zammad

apt-get --only-upgrade install zammad

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But what if i already upgraded Zammad to 5.2?

I cant downgrade it now as far as i know because its not supported.

How could i else solve this issue?

Best Regards

Sorry for the late reply.
Do you still have this issue?
Did you update your PostgreSQL application with the Zammad Update?

I still have this issue.
I Upgraded Zammad to 5.2. It automatically upgraded PostreSQL.

And now the error is in Zammad.

Can you post some infos about your setup

Zammad Version: 5.2
Zammad installation type: Package
OS: Debian 9.6

Did you have any errors in the upgrade process?

That is where I found my issue.

What version of postgres are you running?

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