LDAP / Active Directory: Additional field mappings


it would be great if you could add some more mappings to the LDAP integration tool:

  • Organization (in AD: “company”)
  • Avatar (in AD: “thumbnailPhoto”)

If this is not planned for the near future, maybe you could give me a hint how and where I could e.g. sync it via a custom PHP script in DB directly etc.
(Or, as an alternative, e.g. a way to set a custom base URL from where the avatar image is retrieved)

Thank you!

Thumbnail is, as far as I’m aware, not possible at the moment.
However, mapping of other active directory fields to zammad user objects is perfectly possible already.

Regarding the “company” attribute, I am able to select it from the LDAP Attribute column dropdowns, but an organization attribute is not selectable in the Zammad Attribute column (in my version, there are currently 11 Zammad attribute items which can be mapped).

Thumbnail: This is working e.g. with project tools like OpenProject, which seems to be also based on Ruby. Maybe it would be possible just to take the code part from there? I am not a Ruby expert unfortunately…

Organizations are mapped internally via domain based assesment.
As it’s a search field (technically when updating the user manually) and the organization has to be present, this is technically not possible during the sync.

Hownever, as you normally map a mail address, this technically is possible if you use domain based assignment*.

The LDAP-Synch does not create new Organizations for you. Technically this could be an issue if you’d do, because it could conflict with your domain based assignment and also settings might be off (e.g. sharing organization defaults to “yes” which might be a huge issue in that case). You simply have not enough control over automatic creation of organization by ldap which could cause issues.

* Please note that domain assignment based on domains is done exactly once during user creation. Zammad then will not automatically assign existing users to newly created organizations.

When I said it’s not possible, I did not mean technically, but in Zammad scope. :slight_smile:
We currently are focussing on other issues within Zammad.

Technically the logic behind that is a bit complex, because every ldap sources stores those kind of images differently. However, you can create a feature request for it if not already available.

We would also very much appreciate implementation of the feature to sync LDAP pictures into Zammad :slight_smile:

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