Last contact agent is empty

  • Used Zammad version: 5.0.x
  • Used Zammad installation type: source
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04
  • Browser + version: firefox latest

Actual behavior:

  • in all my tickets are the timestamp for last_contact_agent are not set. how can i fix this?

LG Stephanie Grube

I believe this field is only filled when you actually hit Reply and send an e-mail to the customer. If your agents only make notes then this is not counted as a contact from the agent. Could this be your problem?

thank you very much, yes this has been my problem.
my programmed triggers never gave the ticket the status open so it never got an agent timestamp.
now i changed this and i get an timepstamp for the agent, but just the first time.

i did set up an status “waiting for customer” so i can see where we replaid.
The ticket goes form open to waiting
as soon as the customer replais it goes back to open.
but now when an agent replais to the customer again the timestamp from the agant isn´t updating.

what can that be?

Zammad expects communication type replies by your agents to populate this timestamp.
Trigger based reactions do not apply to this - changing the ticket state has no effect as well.

Communication means:

  • phone notes -or-
  • email articles

Hello MrGeneration,

thanks for the answer but this is not helping me, or i do not understand right.
i deaktivated the trigger but it is not updating the timestamp.

Ticket overview


there is still no update in the timestamp

You can learn on how to follow up on tickets here:

An indicator that the reply you’re talking about is a note is that Zammad does not provide you with reply buttons btw. Above links also tells you how to check the article type.

Thank you so much, now i understand the problem.
is there a way to set it as “call” all the time

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