"last close at" filter

We use schedules to delete tickets after a certain time, based among other things on the “closed at” (Schließzeit) filter. It seems this filter matches on the time of the first closing of the ticket, while we expected this to be the time of the last closing of the ticket.

From looking through the code it seems there are either last_close_at in the DB or close_time in the code that would match our requirement, those don’t seem to be surfaced as a filter in the schedule interface though. Would it be possible to have one of those added? Clarifying “closed_at”/Schließzeit to denote this relates to the first time an issue was closed would also be helpful to avoid others having this issue.

Thank you.


Thank you for bringing this up. Actually the “last close” should be there too, but we verified that it is in fact missing, so this is a bug. I created an issue for that on GitHub and you can follow the process here:



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