Knowledgebase attachment file size

  • Used Zammad version: 4.1
  • Used Zammad installation type: Source
  • Operating system: Debian
  • Browser + version: Firefox, Chrome etc.

Expected behavior:

Upload a file attachement into the Knowledgebase without size limitation.

Actual behavior:

I’m trying to upload a Powerpoint-Presentation into the knowledgebase. It has a size of ~9MB. It says 100% uploaded but after saving the page the attachment disappears.

Was also not able to find anything about file size limitations in the admin-docs of zammad. So perhaps anybody in the community could either tell me where to increase the file-size or if there is another workaround.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Uploading attachments with different size an file-formats. At about 8MB ist stops uploading. Smaller files are uploading fine.

The Knowledgebase uses the general Store functionality of Zammad.
This functionality checks against the maximum email size:

Default instances of Zammad limit to 10MB attachments - this value also applies to KB attachments.
Please note that Zammad is by no means suitable for document sharing.

If you want to share files on a bigger scale you may want to consider proper ways like Nextcloud, Owncloud or whatever drives your boat.

Thanks for the answer.

In our company the file limit size for mails is 35MB thats also set up in zammad.

But if it doesn’t work with bigger files it’s also ok for me.

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Then check your connection and webserver.
The application allows 35MB in your configuration case.

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