Knowledge Base cannot enable and cannot select from drop down


Expected behavior:

Select locale from dropdown to activate knowledge base.

Actual behavior:

Modal pops up but option to pull down does not allow

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

from base install, login as admin and select gear for settings. select knowledge base.

Additional notes:

I checked in Postgresql and there are no entries in the locale table, also when I try to use the Roles option, the checkbox to select knowledge_base is greyed out, except the editor and reader is able to be selected. This does not make a difference.

If I could only get the basic English US to work so I can see how the knowledge base works.

Thank you,

You don’t happen to have any addons in your Chrome that might block dialogues, right?
Can you double check if this issue also appears within the hosted setup?
( )

Also, you could reload the application and open the developer console before trying to access the knowledgebase menu. Then try to activate the knowledgebase and check if the console tab shows any errors and if so, share them with us, please. :slight_smile: