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Version: Zammad 3.0
OS: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Hi there,

iam very happy that the Knowledge Base is now productive and i can use it in our company! But how always there are grumblers who find always things. At this moment we got only documentations as Word Files and to find some Documents is Pain in the *ss!

Is there a Way to add Tables in the Answers at the Knowledge Base? I only knew the keyboard shortcuts for text formating.

Edit: I created a word document and added there a table. This Table i copied into a Answer, that worked. But is there a native way to add a Table?


No there is not.
This will be covered by this issue:

That is, whenever we find time to address ist.
No ETA (before the question rises)


Thank you for the Information. I will wait and then we will see when this feature comes :wink:

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is there any news for the subject “add Tables in the Answers at the Knowledge Base”?
Is better text editing planned for mail signatures as well?

No, no ETA - no progress.
See the linked ticket, if something moves, we’ll update it accordingly.

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