Knowledge Base: Add Loom as video source


currently Loom is a quite popular video service for short HowTo/Showcase videos.
Unfortunately it’s currently not possible to embed video codes from Loom:

Please consider adding loom as trusted video source.
Keep CSP headers in mind, see for tetails.

As a workaround videos can be downloaded from loom and uploaded to youtube.

Beside I never heard of that service, the URL (for reference) would be:

Edit: Please note that adding loom as trusted service is proberbly not enough.
I did not further verify this though.

Ah sorry, i messed up the posting. Was filling the issue for that in GitHub at first and than rethought that this is more a feature request.

Loom is a quite popular service to do quick demos of a SaaS application, do a webdemo, or else. The recording is very easy with the chrome extension provided by Loom itself.

Loom has raised $30M Series B and is also backed by German Company Builder Point9 capital, see and

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