Keep outgoing messages on server

Hi! we have the settings in Zammad to “Keep messages on server”. But it works only for incoming mail. Is there the way to keep outgoing mails I send in Zammad on mail server?
Thank you

In general are all the mails send by zammad, listed in zammad, in the tickets / responses.
We basically have 2 addresses, 1 for the mail pickup (with clean), and 1 connected to an ‘admin’ account.
On that account we have enabled notification for everything, on all groups. So this account receives a copy of all actions taken in zammad. Maybe an idea?

Users → Admin → View from perspective → Click User icon (Bottom left) → Profile → Notifications.

an other option could be that you do that for your mail pickup account, but create an incoming filter rule on the mailbox, so that any mail from ‘zammad’ is moved to the ‘sent’ folder.
(be aware for loops this way, so do it properly, and preferably in test first).

Note: no zammad expert, just trying to help.

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Thanx a lot! Cool trick! this will work