KB custom domain url: cannot open internal articles from from agents perspective


  • Used Zammad version: 5.0.0
  • Used Zammad installation type: package
  • Operating system: Debian 10
  • Browser + version: Chrome latest

Expected behavior:

  • Agents can view internal KB articles when KB is set to another domain.

Actual behavior:

  • Agents cannot view internal KB articles, the opened KB says “Page not found”.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Zammad is running under the domain like “zammad.example.com”.
    Set up a custom domain for the Knowledge Base (KB) like “kb.example.com”.
    Everything is good except this issue:
    When an agent login zammad.example.com, and try to view internal KB articles, he cannot see articles. The opened webpage says “Page not found. The page you were looking for does not exist.”.
    If we set up KB custom url like “zammad.example.com/kb”, no such issue.
    I think this is because the login session doesn’t work among different domains.

Using the internal knowledgebase version does not work as well…?
I mean why switch interfaces…?

url like https://zammad.example.com/kb works, but https://kb.example.com doesn’t. The reason why I prefer https://kb.example.com is that it is short for users and better for seo.

Yeah I did understand that.
My question is why your agents switch the interface from internal ticket system view to public help page? It’s not required at all…:

Agents may edit an answer and want to view/check the real page before publish the page, by clicking the button circled in red in the above figure.

I see. This might be due to the cookies not fitting.
Please create a bug report here: GitHub - zammad/zammad: Zammad is a web based open source helpdesk/customer support system and make sure to reference this thread to rule out any questions. :muscle:

Thank you for the confirmation. I have created a bug report at KB custom domain url: cannot open internal articles from from agents perspective · Issue #3988 · zammad/zammad · GitHub

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Hi @rcarrie

Just to make sure - does KB at http://kb.example.com work fine when opened directly?

Technically works but without the internal answers that are not shown due to the user not being logged in on said sub domain.

Just as MrGeneration said, internal answers are not shown.
A workaround I find is to directly use original url https://zammad.example.com/help. This url still available even you have set up a custom domain kb.example.com

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