Issue on notification for remember pending

  • Used Zammad version:
    version 6.2.0-1704792691.00f9f486.bullseye

  • Used Zammad installation type: (source, package, docker-compose, …)

  • Operating system:

  • Browser + version:

Expected behavior:

Having notification for remember pending fews minutes after end of remember pending

Actual behavior:

Notification for remember pending show up aleatory like fews minutes or hour after end of remember pending

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Setup remember pending on a ticket

Actually when i setup a pending remember on a ticket, i have well the notification, but not at the end sheduled pending remember.

Thats random , sometime 40/50 Minutes after the ending date sometime few hours.

I think we have a task who check if i we have sheduled pending remember expired and send the notification if true.

maybe i have a issue on the execution of thats task, because seems ok when is runing because i have well the notification in the end.

Someone have any recomendation ?

It is technically “normal” that pending reminders can be off up to 10 minutes. You can’t expect exact timings in the current as is.

If you experience way longer off time than that, I would look into your systems load as this may indicate issues with the background worker (in terms it not being fast enough on working on everything).