Is there a way to analyse the first reaction to a ticket from my employees without additional plugins?

  1. What is your original issue/pain point you want to solve?
    I need the time of the first reaction to a ticket. How long did it take for an employee to respond to a ticket?

  2. Which are one or two concrete situations where this problem hurts the most?
    Monthly, if the boss wants an evaluation

  3. Why is it not solvable with the Zammad standard?
    I have not managed to create an evaluation that shows exactly that.

  4. What is your expectation/what do you want to achieve?
    An evaluation that always shows me how long the first reaction took. Preferably per employee.

I’ve already seen Grafana, but it has far too many functions that I don’t need.

Thanks to all!

It’s in the ticket as an attribute, but only if you have a reaction time SLA configured. If not, the value is not calculated.