Is it possible to add locale (Chinese Traditional) zh-TW?

I would like to use Zammad as our customer support tool. However, it is not familiar for our agents and customer with the English terms on Web UI of Zammad.
I notice that Zammad provides multi-language selection including Chinese Simple, but not Chinese Traditional (zh-TW) which we do need.
Is there anyway I can add this option (Chinese Traditional) for locale selection since it’s important for the system users?
Anything I can do manually would be ok for me if it’s possible.

Thanks for your help.

Jc from Taiwan

@martini Yes, I miss zh-TW too in Zammad 5.0 (from git code):

Please don’t mention forum members out of the blue. :-/
If you want to provide translations for a whole new language, please contact sales [at] zammad [dot] com for the required steps.

You’ll be provided a CSV for translation which then will be used for adding the language.

Since I’m using free version of Zammad, it would be kind of you to let me know a good way I can contribute to Zammad translation of Chinese Traditional?
I’m using the latest version of Zammad docker containers. Should I install Zammad from source for this purpose? Or there is a document for development concept I can follow.
Sorry to bother.
ps. Zammad is a very friendly tool of ticketing request management.

Are you planning to contribute the translations to everyone (so Zammad core) or is it just for you?

If you answer with “everyone” - please, do as I already said:

Just because I ask you to contact sales, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to insert a coin.

That would be great to me. Thanks for your kind response.