Inventory System with Zammad?

Hello everyone,
I’m currently looking for an inventory system that has already integrated the Zammad API. My company wants to digitize our warehouse. Does anyone know an open source product that works well or can you recommend something to me?


we are using Ivanti at the moment and syncing all data to I-doit. With the integration in Zammad we can select an item from I-doit in zammad tickets. In I-doit we can see all tickets of a device. That’s very cool!

Problem: Ivanti is not free. Before this software we have used OCS Inventory (free software). All computers send all information of a workstation to this server and store all infos in a MySQL database. For I-doit exists an importer. So you can import all information of an client (IP, Name, Hardwareinformation, Software…) to I-doit. The importer is not free since one year. But you can do it in another way. Export all devices from OCS as a csv file (in the Webinterface possible) and import it in I-doit (csv import is free). You can automate this very easy with a simple PHP script (export from OCS and import to I-doit).

Maybe it helps? :slight_smile:

What is you use case? What information from the warehouse do you want to access from Zammad?

We are using inventree for the warehouse. The entities have internal IDs and you can insert these in Zammad URL fields, if you want to link them.

We are currently making the entire warehouse by hand. Our wish is that we can simply enter hardware that arrives via an inventory system and that is automatically updated in the zammad or something similar. What would be great if labels could also be printed out

I-doit can generate and print labels. We use this function too.

You can try i-doit and Inventree and test it for your best use case. :slight_smile:
I-doit has an integration for I-doit. For inventree is not integration available. Here you can build your own webhooks how discribed above