Internal Tasks (not Customer related)

Hi folks!

How does Zammad handle internal tasks that do not concern a customer?

Can you explain what you mean?
Do you mean internal notes?
Oder tickets without a real customer?

Internal tasks that not belongs to a customer.

From my understanding such setup is not straightforward so far.

What is to be expected is that an agent receives a call, calls or sends an email for a customer (internal department, working group) to create a ticket and not to manage internal requests from within the company (agent group, IT service).

But the team has probably a different solution that I could not find out yet

In our case, what we do is have a new ‘ticket’ object in which we decide if the ticket is ‘intern’ or ‘normal’, with ‘intern’ being the default. The flow is as follows:

  • We create a new ticket from “call” with the label “intern”.
  • When it’s labeled “intern,” we don’t send a notification to the client about the created ticket.
  • If we want to notify the customer, we change the label from “intern” to “normal,” allowing the client to receive regular notifications.

This way, we manage our tasks for each client, distinguishing between those created by the customer and those auto-generated by us for the customer.


Thanks for this setup

The question I see is what if the Agent Max (from IT) needs to open an internal ticket to Agent Carl (from IT) to e.g. set up the printer, not for a customer, but for Max himself? Or to give him access to a specific resource (Sharepoint access, VPN, etc…)

In this case it is an internal ticket, with no external customer, from agent to agent, which might be necessary to track agents group internal requests without having a separate Agent and Customer account for the same person.

I still did not figure this out yet :thinking:

We use it precisely for that. When you do this and no notification reaches the client, the client is unaware of that ticket creation. If you also don’t want the ticket to appear in the customer portal listing, you mark the first note of the ticket as ‘internal’.

Sorry for misunderstanding, but who is the client in this case in the workflow you posted?

A contact. Contacts always belong to an organization.

I understand now and in this case, the agent creates an internal ticket as call for the external client from an external company

What is if the agent is part of the company and is creating a ticket for themselves to solve a problem the agent has and requires assistant from an agent?

Create an Organization for the IT Support, add the organization to all agents and then create a call ticket for the agent itself? (Max agent creates call for IT Support and client Max)?

Did I get this right?

Yes, that could work. We have an organization of our technicians for that. When they are tasks for the end client, we organize them by the end client, and when they are ours, we organize them within our organization. This way, you can make multiple different configurations based on that concept.

btw, this is a example for our tigger “new ticket autoresponse”.

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Ok for my understanding if I want to handle internal tasks, an agent has to be also a customer? For Example: The engineer has to repair the printer in the own company…

An agent can also be a customer, that is correct.

@MrGeneration But this is really the way how this is handled in zammad? :smiley:

Add yourself as customer if you’re an agent? Or write an email to Zammad…?
Sorry but I don’t understand the problem or question.