Internal/Public Confusion

I know it’s been mentioned before by other users, but I’d like to also echo that making a note on a ticket public or internal is indeed confusing. I can’t tell you the number of users I’ve had already in our first week making pretty ugly mistakes by not understanding the ‘set as public’ and ‘set as internal’. We’ve actually had users think the red meant 'be careful because this one is public, so they change it to actually be public by mistake. I’ve had others user not understand the ‘Set to’ isn’t current/past tense, rather than an action they can take. I’ve also had some users think the ‘closed locked’ icon meant it was locked down to only internal, and open lock mean “anyone can get into it/see it”. =/

First I’d like to ask if it’s possible for me to override this text on just my install, and have it survive updates since I’m assuming this is working just fantastic for everybody else apparently, but as a general suggestion, I’d really recommend that text be something a little more clear. I think a good alternative would just be “This note will be made public.” or “This note will be made internal only.”

In other apps, I’ve been able to override text for my own needs via a translation file, but apparently, I can’t do this if I’m using the source language (English). Even if it doesn’t survive updates, I think it would be worth changing if someone can tell me where this is at.

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