Internal error 500 when changing owner of ticket


  • Used Zammad version: 4.1.0
  • Used Zammad installation type: Ubuntu repo
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04 LTE
  • Browser + version: Firefox 90

Expected behavior:

  • It should change the owner of the ticket

Actual behavior:

  • It changes owner but i get an error message that says “{“status”:500,“error”:“Internal Server Error”}”. Everything else about the ticket i can change and save without problem

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Should only change ownder if ticket nothing else

I’m pretty sure above error message is not the complete error message you retrieve.
If so, please look up the exact and complete error message in your production log file.

This is the error i get.


And when i check in the log there are none?

root@chris-virtual-machine:/var/log/zammad# ls

I have spent several days trying to find any logging on this but cant find it. Cant see much in journalctl -u zammad.

– Reboot –
jul 22 16:30:57 chris-virtual-machine systemd[1]: Starting Elasticsearch…
jul 22 15:34:48 chris-virtual-machine systemd[1]: Started Elasticsearch.
jul 26 09:30:11 chris-virtual-machine systemd[1]: Stopping Elasticsearch…
jul 26 09:30:12 chris-virtual-machine systemd[1]: elasticsearch.service: Succeeded.
jul 26 09:30:12 chris-virtual-machine systemd[1]: Stopped Elasticsearch.
jul 26 09:30:12 chris-virtual-machine systemd[1]: Starting Elasticsearch…
jul 26 09:30:42 chris-virtual-machine systemd[1]: Started Elasticsearch.

Production log file lives in /var/log/zammad/

Yeah but there is no file created there for some reason that i do not know why.

drwxrwxr-x 2 zammad zammad 4096 jul 26 10:32 zammad

is the permissions for that folder.



Here is the production log. I see there are some FATAL syntaxerror. But im not knowledgeable in how to read it.

Here is a snippet of the log. F, [2021-08-13T13:05:40.306189 #428327-47420531884660] FATAL -- :F, [2021-08 - (expires in 1 week). Let me know if you need the full log.

Please provide the full traceback. It’s missing stuff.
Also ensure you have a vanilla installation without code changes.

Here is the log I, [2021-08-13T13:04:56.388914 #428330-47347952228780] INFO -- : Setting.set('m - (Expires in a week)


Here is the new link for the log I, [2021-08-13T13:04:56.388914 #428330-47347952228780] INFO -- : Setting.set('m - (expires in 1 year)


Still have problem with this issue.



thanks for your patience.
I’m sorting after activity (board default) to provide fair chances to everyone - bumping actually moves threads down that list. ;-(

To your issue:

I, [2021-08-13T13:05:40.231867 #428327-47420531884660]  INFO -- : Execute trigger (Skicka mail vid ägarbyte/5) for this object (Ticket:622/Loop:1)
I, [2021-08-13T13:05:40.305450 #428327-47420531884660]  INFO -- : Completed 500 Internal Server Error in 616ms (Views: 5.9ms | ActiveRecord: 81.4ms)
F, [2021-08-13T13:05:40.306189 #428327-47420531884660] FATAL -- :   
F, [2021-08-13T13:05:40.306242 #428327-47420531884660] FATAL -- : SyntaxError ((erb):1: syntax error, unexpected tIDENTIFIER, expecting tSTRING_DEND
....freeze; _erbout.<<(( d "ticket.owner.lastname", true ).to_s...
...                         ^~~~~~
(erb):1: unknown regexp options - dv
(erb):1: syntax error, unexpected '<'
...bout.<< "</div><div><br></div><div>/Helpdesk<br></div></div>...
...                              ^
(erb):1: unknown regexp options - dv
(erb):1: syntax error, unexpected '<'
...</div><div>/Helpdesk<br></div></div>".freeze; _erbout
...                              ^
(erb):1: unterminated regexp meets end of file
...r></div></div>".freeze; _erbout
...                               ^
(erb):1: syntax error, unexpected end-of-input, expecting tSTRING_DEND):

Looks like the relevant part to me.
What does trigger Skicka mail vid ägarbyte do?

Any other triggers that might be interesting?

If you fiddled around within the Zammad source code, please ensure to revert that change to be sure.
We only can help on vanilla installations.


“Skicka mail vid ägarbyte” means “Send mail when changing owner”. Have not fiddle with the sourcecode.


I had a similar issue with a paying customer today.
Please have a look at your trigger and ensure the links are clean.

What I mean by that:
Copy the affected URLs and remove them - then, at the same spot, insert them as text. For most chromium based browsers the shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + V will do the trick.

This ensures that HTML formattings are not inserted which can cause issues with Zammads sanitizers.
Inserting HTML based stuff in web application sometimes can be very tricky.

Removing my trigger fixed it. Thanks!


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