Integration with Firebase for SSO


I currently run a website which is built on CodeIgniter and uses Firebase for user management. I would like to use a helpdesk tool that allows my customers to submit tickets without having to create a different account within the helpdesk platform (currently using HelpRace by the way, in which users have to create a separate account which is awful).
Would this be possible with Zammad?

Thank you very much for your time.

I set this to Technical Assistance, as this is more fitting, hope you don’t mind. :slight_smile:

Yes SSO is possible. The following github post might lead you in the correct direction:

Other than that Zammad offers a powerful API and the option to add authentication prodivers.

That’s great Mr. Generation, thanks!

What about a Knowledge Base? Any idea when/if this will be implemented?

KB will be coming in Q4, I guess that this will not happen before the middle of Q4 - but maybe the devs are faster.

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Good to know, thanks!

One last question: Do you know if there’s any guide for installing Zammad on a server with DirectAdmin (without breaking it)?

Sorry, but that’s out of my scope I can assist you with. The Featurelist isn’t giving me a hint if proxy-server creation is supported. If not you can proberbly forget about it.

Alright, thanks! We’ll look into the best way to install Zammad on our servers!

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