Integration of more than One LDAP Source

Hi there,

I just have a simple Feature Request. I would like to see an Option to sync with more than one Active Directory at the same Time.

Actual Behavior: You can Sync with one Active Directory Server. There is no Option to integrate a second One.
Wanted Behavior: I want to be able to sync with at least two different Active Directory Servers.
Usecase: We have 2 different Active Directorys in Use. One Internal AD for Employees and one External AD with Data from Customers and Partners. I think it would be useful to be able to sync with both of them at the same Time.



as far as I know it is already possible to have more than one ldapy source.
But right now there is no gui for that!
So you have to manually edit the configuration file to add the additional ldap source.

Give it a try.


thanks for the Answer. If you tell me where I can find the Configuration File for that I’ll gladly give it a try^^

Thanks in advance.

I have no idea which configuration file(s) you have to use.
But I was told by @martini that it is possible.

If I had to do it, I would do it in the following way:
Use an new zammad installation an configure an ldap source.
Search the filesystem for any files that include the name of my ldap source.
In addition to that I would also search for any files, that have been modified at the time when I did the ldap configuration.

Doing that it shouldn´t be so difficult to find the files.

Best regards

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