Integration of Mastodon into Zammad

Currently, Zammad lacks integration with Mastodon, a popular federated social networking platform. This integration would enable seamless communication between Zammad and Mastodon channels, allowing organizations to incorporate social media interactions into their customer support workflow. Without this integration, companies miss out on potential customer interactions and valuable feedback shared on the Mastodon platform.

Help us understand:

The integration of Mastodon channels into Zammad would enable the following:

  1. Unified Communication: Incoming messages from Mastodon channels would appear in Zammad, allowing support agents to respond directly from the Zammad platform.
  2. Real-time Notifications: Zammad should provide notifications for new Mastodon messages, ensuring timely responses to customer inquiries.
  3. Conversation Tracking: All interactions between support agents and Mastodon users should be recorded within Zammad, providing a holistic view of customer conversations.
  4. Sentiment Analysis: Zammad should enable sentiment analysis for Mastodon interactions, helping organizations gauge customer sentiment and adapt their responses accordingly.

If there is any more useful information, feel free to share it all (e.g.: Mockup screenshots, if something is UI related or the API URL / Documentation URL for a service you need a connection to)

Usecase environment:

  • Average Concurrent Agent Count: 3
  • Average Tickets per Day: 10
  • Roles/People Involved: Customer Support Agents, Social Media Managers
  • Additional Information: The integration would greatly benefit companies with active Mastodon accounts, enabling them to provide comprehensive customer support and gather feedback from a wider audience.

Only Mastodon now have more than 14 mln users. Mastodon also can communicate with other platforms that use ActivityPub (like lemmy, kbin, peertube, pleroma even with Wordpress with AP plugin). So this community is growing very fast.


+1 for this, having a Zammad integration would be a great tool for Mastodon admins (for support accounts, for example), or for companies/organisations with a presence on Mastodon who want to link into their existing Zammad helpdesks.

We’re interested in this one also!

Rather than having those seeking support go outside of Mastodon to raise tickets, having integration with Mastodon (like with other services included in Zammad) would likely see an increase of issues getting reported due to the ease of doing so, rather than things being left unreported.