Integrate Chat history to ticket creation

Actually when you create a ticket from chat you only have a URL for the chat you had with the customer.

That mean when i’m creating a ticket from this chat and i need to copy paste infos the customer gave me i need to:

  • Copy paste the URL.
  • Open it on a new tab => also meaning this break my session on the ticket tab.
  • Copy one info i need.
  • Get back to my ticket tab.
  • Select continue session
  • Paste my info.
  • Repeat for each info i need to copy paste

Should it be possible to had a link to open the chat history on a popup in the ticket tab so you could open it without breaking your session and copy paste infos from the chat easily?


Up, same issue here!

Got confused about what forum I was on. For a second I thought I was accidentally on the xcp forum.

Haha :smiley: But the question is still valid :stuck_out_tongue:

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