Inserted PNG images are blur in Knowledge Base


  • Used Zammad version: 5.0.0
  • Used Zammad installation type: package
  • Operating system: debian 10
  • Browser + version: firefox, chrome

Expected behavior:

  • When I insert a PNG image in an article in Knowledge Base, the image stay, or can be set to be, in the original width/height, no scale down or up.

Actual behavior:

  • The image is scaled down or up, and cannot be adjusted to be the original width/height, resulting in blur.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Knowledge Base → Edit Answer → Click the IMAGE button in the CONTENT box, and then insert an png image file.

We had a similar post to this topic some weeks ago:

It may help you understanding the scopes. There’s probably not much we at Zammad can do about how your Browser behaves.

Thank you for your reply. Actually I already searched the community and read the topic you mentioned before I posted. I don’t think it is related to my problem. I think it is just because zammad changes the display width, and don’t provide the option that allows users to use the image original width. After I insert the image, I can change the display image width by using the mouse, but it is very difficult to adjust to the right original width. I finally made it to the right display width after quite a lot of tries. But it’s very inconvenient, I hope zammad could add an editor to adjust image or a shortcut to set the image display width to the original one.

PS. If I just copy a .png image from outside image editor to zammad, it automatically converts the .png image to a .jpg image. The display width will be the original image width, that’s good. however, the image quantity is not good as the png format, and the jpg file size becomes very big.

PS2. I also tried Firefox and Edge browsers, same problem.

The quality during inserting is affected by your browser.
If you insert jpg content, Zammad should choose jpeg based inline images - if png it should use png. Screenshotting may not allow to find out what really is used.

Also I’m stuggling to understand why you need inline images with more than 2000 pixels of width.
Most of the clients will not be able to display that as most screens or application windows are not being used that wide. Attaching those files should keep their original quality and size. This may be an alternative for you.

Another side note just in case:
Zammad is not a document management system. It is also not suitable to use it as that.

Seems that I didn’t describe the problem clearly. Let’s say I want to insert a picture (228 x 196 px) below to the knowledge base.


In the answer editor, I click the “IMAGE” button and upload the above picture file.

Zammad automatically scales the picture display width to the full width of the editor, making the picture blur.

Zammad allows to manually resize the display width of the picture.

Now, problem comes. It is very difficult to tune the display width to the real width (228px). The picture keeps blur if the display width is not same as the real width.

Hope I express it clearly now. Actually this problem not only happens to .png images, but also .jpg images. I think it happens to any images as long as the image width is not same as the editor width.

Thank you for the clarification.
I agree this looks like a bug, could you create a bug report for it?

Please reference this thread! :slight_smile:

Sorry I was busy and couldn’t reply in time. Now I have created a bug report Pictures inserted in knowledge base display blurredly · Issue #3904 · zammad/zammad · GitHub. Thank you for your attention. Happy New Year!

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Thank you for the patience. I could verify this, let’s hope the collegues have a quick fix for it.
In the mean time pasting from clip board may be a suitable workaround for you.

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