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General question: If a “manager” type person is cc’d on a ticket that has been created by someone else, the cc’d manager will receive email replies (if reply all). But this person might be overwhelmed trying to decipher all the comms/emails.

So does a cc’d person have any way to view the tickets they’ve been cc’d on in the Dashboard of tickets? Or will they only see the tickets that they are owners for? (seems this is the behavior)

Are there any plans to change this?

If you use Organizations, you can allow members of the same organization to view all the tickets related to that organization. You would only need to have “My Organizations Tickets” overview. If you know what I mean.

Ben works Acme Corp. Phil is his manager. Ben creates a ticket and CC’s Phil. Phil can log into the ticket system, and click on My Organizations Tickets in the overviews. This will show Phil all the tickets created by his co-workers.

I don’t know what you mean. We have 300 staff. Some tickets come from executives and managers with info that other members of the organization should not see. I don’t think the suggestion works for us.

The particular situation is we are starting Student Testing. We have Testing Directors that would like to be able to see/be included on tickets that their coordinators are creating/submitting. While we could make the Testing Director an Agent, they are not tech savvy and simply want to be able to see the tickets they are cc’d on in one place.
Sure, Agent with an overview and group with Read permissions might work… but this came question pertains to others that have been cc’d and want to see the list of tickets.

Teamwork Desk is better at handling this it seems… though, I love Zammad.

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