Individual Form Title possible?


I am using Zammad 2.6.0. Is it possible to have the form create a dedicated title field. Currently all forms are submitted with the same title. It would be great to have a individual title for all form submits entered by the user? If not would it be better to create an own form and send a mail to the system?


Hi @GreXXL - please have a look at the possibilities when initializing the form via JS:

messageTitle should be what you are looking for :+1:


Thank you - understood. I have set this for example to “CompanyName Contact Form”. But this is the title for every submitted form. Is there a way to add this to the form the user fills out. I think a user should be forced to fill out a title and a message. This way you could have a far better overview of tickets and not have so many with the same title.


Oh I see. You can add an additional entry to the array of attributes/form fields with the name title and it will be used instead of the attribute I mentioned earlier. See:


Thank you once again. Works like a charm. One final question for this: Is there a way to tell the form which attributes are required. So can I make the title a required field?

PS.: Will add this to the documentation later!

You’re welcome! Required attributes are not supported yet. However, there is a pending Pull Request which is missing some tests :confused: So we can’t merge it.

Can’t wait to see your documentation PR :heart_eyes: @MrGeneration is updating the docs currently. Please make sure that you don’t do any unnecessary work (on an old state) :scream:

Don’t worry, I’ll ensure to adapt the documentation part proper.

If in doubt you’re welcome to contact me via PM to ensure you’re not wasting your time. :slight_smile:

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