Incoming phone call misses agent that created it

First of all to make it clearer: Yes, you can find that information within the History.

A customer asked for a option to add the information of a creator more present (sparing clicks within the system) within the interface, if the first ticket article is a incoming or outgoing call.

At this moment, Zammad will display the customer that you called as creator of the note. Basically this is not wrong, that’s why I suggesst that the second avatar of the agent is being displayed on the left site on top of the ones of the customer or that it appears in the additional information that you can open with a click on a note (Creatorname & Ticket-Article-Type).

What does the community think about this small feature?

I will appreciate if I see directly the creator of a Ticket. Sometimes this will help to get further information which were not properly captured within the ticket description.

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