Incoming emails: some parts are deleted


  • Used Zammad version: 5.0.3
  • Used Zammad installation type: source
  • Operating system: ubuntu-20.04
  • Browser + version: chrome 96

Expected behavior:

  • Incoming mail is stored unmodified

Actual behavior:

  • Incoming mail is stored modified

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Send a HTML mail to zammad
  • Look at the response
  • Some parts are missing
  • Others are modified

Initially, I thought these were due to html sanitation and/or due length limits. But somehow, it is different.

This is part of the email:

This is the view within zammad:

Please note:

  • “Holen:17” looks scrambled
  • The code block terminates at “Holen:29” within zammad
  • The code block is much longer within the email

Anything special HTML code wise?
Possibly this may be due to coloring that goes wrong.

If the content that Zammad imported still there or is it entirely gone?
Is this a vanilla installation without any modifications to it’s code?

@MrGeneration Thanks for looking into this. I think I do have the email available which I sent to zammad and for which the input got truncated. Shall I provide it?

That would be great.
Send a mail to support [at] zammad [dot] com and say it’s for “Marcel” - please also reference this thread.

Any update here? I’ve provided emails weeks/months before…

I did reply and tell you that I currently am missing time ressources.
No ETA sorry.

OK, I got the reply. Just thought that “currently” might be over. So probably it will take a few more months to fix and this thread will be closed after 4 months and the topic will be forgotten later on. A little bit frustrating since providing all the info took some effort.

Can you please confirm that you want me to ignore my working hours, ignore paying customers over community users, no longer take (already short) vacations and also have another burnout?

No, I don’t. But I work roughly 80 hours per week, too. So delivering requested information is quite some effort and it is frustrating not seeing them being used. But never mind, nobody is perfect!

There you go, thank you for your patience.

I’ll be removing the ticket you created within the next 2-3 days for GPDR reasons.

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Please don’t forget that this is a user help users forum for the free community edition of Zammad. You have no right to demand anything from employees of Zammad unless you have a paid support subscription. It’s very nice of Marcel to participate actively in the forums but if he doesn’t have the time you will have to be patient or subscribe to a paid support plan on that gives you 6 hours reaction time.

Hey @awedor ,

I do understand this and I am very thankful. I just got a bit disappointed by being asked to provide some info which I collected and then being noted that there is no time available to look into it. Why ask for the info at all?

On the other hand: I think I detected a real bug. Emails provided by customers show up truncated within zammad. Isn’t the detection of this something beneficial for Zammad, too?

Here it looks like this:

  • A: Some people look into Zammad and complain about stupid customers not providing even basic error descriptions - sometimes they do even tell this the customers (… using polite words)
  • B: When I double-check the emails provided by the customers, the information is there
  • C: So asking the customers to provide the missing information looks strange to these since they already provided it, it just doesn’t show up within zammad

It was quite some effort/pain to detect the issue and to reproduce it and to narrow it down to simple mails.

I’ll try to ask my team how we can support your work financially. I fear paying for the self-hosted option is a bit too expensive for us - we are a very small business.

Thx, Uli

Just for clarification: I am just a user like you, I am not affiliated with Zammad in any way.

I understand your disappointment that you didn’t get a solution, but your tone got very demanding and that is not OK for free software. I think many of us work a lot and times are hard right now and have been for the last two years for all of us. Let’s not forget to be kind and understanding with each other and not make our days worse than they already are :slight_smile:


There are many options on how you can support / contribute to Zammad.
The least “pressure” one (sorry for that bad wording haha) would be either:

  • a support contract -or-
  • using SaaS offering vom

Both above options have the “side effect” that you get business grade support according to our SLAs and prioritized issue solving if you’re affected. I understand that support contracts can be a bit much per year for small instances or companies.

The second money path is a donation to the Zammad foundation. The foundation actually legally owns the code to ensure that the Zammad GmbH does not turn Zammad from Open Source into closed source. (This happened with OTRS, leassons learned) - you can find more information here:

The third money path would be sponsoring core functions. However, to be fair, if option one is barely a possibility for you (and no one judges here) then sponsoring probably isn’t the right thing as well, they can get quite expensive.

So now to everything that actually doesn’t involve money, but your precious time.
Contributing to Zammads Community helps a lot this includes but is not limitted to:

  • translating Zammad and it’s comoponents at
  • helping other users here on this Community board (Let’s be honest, my reaction time is getting worse month by month and this is not what this Community deserves)
  • contribution to our communities - no matter if you add missing parts (and there is stuff missing :see_no_evil: ) or if it’s just correcting e.g. typos
  • contribution to Zammad code (e.g. fixing bugs, pull requests)

There’s surely more things one can do, but these things are those that instantly come to mind. Community contributions help a lot and are much appreciated.

I hope that gives you some options. :slight_smile:

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Thx, I’m trying to get a support contract. And I’ve asked a collegue of mine to provide some of the missing translations which she found.

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There is a fix available now within the stable branch. The fix works for me. Thx a lot! Best regards, Uli

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