In export there are ticket numbers that zammad does not know


I have created an export using the statistics function. The list contains about 100 tickets that have a ticket number but cannot be found in zammad. They all have the status new as far as I can see.
I have received from the customer the email with the confirmation and the created/missing ticket number.
When I call up the appropriate customer, the ticket is also not displayed. In the export there is a created on / updated on date with corresponding timestamp. I don’t understand why/what is the reason for the discrepancy though. Does anyone have any ideas about this?

Ticket 442346 is unknown



Edit: Screenshot


I did some more research today. The tickets are there. It seems to be an authorization error. I find it quite bizarre. The user who can not find the ticket is the administrator account.

I will investigate this and if I find something further also report.


As a random thought, are you using multiple groups? An administrator doesn’t have access to all groups by default (but at least can add themselves). I’ve been caught out by that before when someone else has created a group and not added me to it.

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Hello, yes it depends on the groups. The administrator was not added to the newly created groups. I have corrected that


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