In DB "created at" time is not the same as current time


Tell me please how does date and time works in Zammad.
A new ticket creats in system at 11:06 oclock (it’s correct and the same time as real time in region).


current time in DB is the same as “real time” too:

But if I will do select to DB I see that created_at is less for 3 hour then current time (than real created time)

Is it the way to make Zammad to show “real time” in DB and not minus 3 hours as Zammad show it now

I’m new to Zammad, but that looks like the database is storing times in UTC and displaying them in local time (+3 according to your second screenshot).

It always trips me up with other applications where I’m querying the database directly :slight_smile:

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Hi! thanx for answer… so is there the way to show the correct time? or just using something like that “create_at + interval ‘3 hours’”

I’ll have to leave that for someone else, I’m afraid, as I’m still finding my way around it. Possibly not, but that’s a guess.

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