Improvements for email body quoting in Zammad triggers

I am currently in the process of evaluating and testing Zammad for my company. I’d like to send an auto-reply on incoming requests and quote the original message (that came from the customer via email).

I tested all the available variables (ticket.arcticles.last.body, …body_as_html, …body_as_text, etc.). All the variables (as provided in [1]) and they all work but the layout of the quoted message texts looks awful here (using zammad 3.5.0-1600773746.911896f5.buster),

I see 3 improvments here:

  1. email signatures (everything below '-- ') are not cut off
  2. fix / improve the email body rendering
    a. the arcticle.body_as_text is shown as a one liner (no line breaks at all), be it on content type plain/text or in html/text messages, I’d expect a line wrapping like found in the original customer mail
    b. if I use arcticle.body_as_html and I view the resulting mail as html/text content, the html body of the article is not rendered in the email, that is: in plain/html I still see the html tags (also as a one-liner)
    c. if I use article_body_as_html, it should not be used for generating plain/text MIME parts of emails, there the html tags should again be removed (this might be caused by 3.)
  3. it would be nice being able to only quote mail content of the first X lines


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