Improve Search (filter by customer, group, owner, status...)

Title: Improve Search (filter by customer, group, owner, status…)

Usecase environment:

  • 15
  • 150
  • technican, technican disponents, 1st level support

What is the idea or pain point:
Our issue is, that we are not able to find tickets we have worked on a view weeks ago. So the knowledge of what to do is not available to other supporters. We can use the search, but the results are so much and mostly not complete (search limit) so thats not possible to identify and open the old tickets.
For our situation it would help if we can start the search with selecting / filter for a specific customer or agent or group or owner so that results only come from tickets of this filter.

Expectation (not solution):

  • have selection of filters on search bar
  • have ability to sort in results an show/hide columns

Thank you.


I agree with you, the search definitely needs easy to use filters with input boxes or dropdownlists or whatever useful combination.

However you can filter today already by using the advanced syntax with attributes, see the documentation
It’s not easy to use and to memorize the attributes but at least it’s possible if you need it.