Importing from (Via Zendesk or OTRS?)

Hi all,

I’m looking at replacing with something open source, and Zammad looks great.

But we’d like to keep our existing data if possible. From what I can see, the migration wizard can import from Zendesk and OTRS.

Is there any way to import from

Or maybe I could look to export to Zendesk or OTRS and then migrate to Zammad?

Failing that, I could role up my sleeves and use the APIs but I’d rather avoid that, I have enough to do!

And as a last resort, we could export our data for archive purposes and start fresh.



currently the only way would be to migrate to a ticketsystem our migrator supports and then come from that.
Personally I think, at least for OTRS, this would be very overkill and time consuming (in terms of “you have enough to do”).

What we can offer is a custom development to integrate this into Zammad - if you want, we also can put this public for the community. If you want this, just let me know. :slight_smile:

Thanks MrGeneration. We’re trying to reduce costs rather than spend more :wink: but thanks for the offer. I think if we do move to a system like Zammad where we can’t import old cases, we’ll just archive them (Desk offer a one-off data dump, or I could use the api) - and have them to refer to if we needed to but start fresh on the new system.

No problems, I just wanted to offer you all possible ways. :slight_smile:

Of course, and thank you for the offer. With closing down, there may be a lot of smaller (ex-)users who want to move though so might be worth looking at?

I’m personally interested in this topic and would like to try doing such a thing, but I’m not sure how much time it would take me, if I am successfull and when I got time for that.

The whole service is shutting down?
Could you provide me a bit more info? I tried to find information to the system and what plan it really is, but their page is horrible :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, they are closing in 2020 and offering people the chance to move to another system - Service Cloud Lightning - for the same price (which is a big discount on the normal price). But whenever you have to move, that’s the time to look around, which is what I am doing.

And especially when the full price of the one they are offering to grandfather us to is so much higher. I wouldn’t be comfortable trusting them to keep that price for long and I don’t want to go through the hassle of moving just to move again if they raise the price (plus we’ve never been overly fond of Desk tbh)

This is a bit troublesome as this means I have no chance in creating a migrator (none of us has) if you don’t have the option to get your hands on a :x

that is, indeed, a very good point :frowning:

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