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I leave this post to ask if there is any way to cross the data of “Users” in Zammad, that is, I currently have the import activated by LDAP (about 1600 accounts) and wanted to know if there is any way to cross this “import” with the import by CSV without repeating users. In the example that can be downloaded from CSV I have seen a user id and I don’t know if this field is likely to be used for example using the ID to identify each person …

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you can, especially for unknown users (unknown to Zammad) simply leave the ID column empty.
Honestly you should do that with existing users too!

The best unique identifier for Zammad is the users Mail address.
Zammad only allows unique mail addresses anyway, so even if he doesn’t recognize the user (to update it), it won’t be able to create another user.

Please keep in mind that the changes from the csv import might be partly overwritten by the LDAP sync later on, as we expect your ldap to be more current than our dataset.

Is there any way to force that unique identification to be the person’s DNI? although users use their email / username and pass to authenticate with Zammad?

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any idea? :slight_smile: please!!

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