Import Organization with LDAP

I can’t import the Organization (organization_id) from LDAP. Would be nice if I could add that field.

Or is there a workaround?

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Technically you could map those fields - but you’d need to have your organization ID within your ldap. You normally don’t, but have the organization name. So that won’t work for you I guess.

You might want to use domain based assignment, but need to ensure that the organization is there before you create your user(s).

Yep… before :wink:

So I tried to delete some user and do the sync again. Didnt find the delete button, googled…



The name would be fine because I have that in my LDAP (6 different companies here)… I think I will try to delete them in the Database and start over again. I dont want to choose the Organization for 500+ Users by hand :wink:

I strongly suggest not to “fiddle around in your database”.
I suggest this thread, it might be tastier:

A trainee had to do it by hand :slight_smile:
safest way.

thx for your help

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