Import Mail import archive mail aftwerwards


  • Used Zammad version: 5.3.1
  • Used Zammad installation type: docker-compose
  • Operating system: ubuntu 22.04lts (lxc proxmox-container)
  • Browser + version: Brave and firefox (uptodate)

I justfound out (through your documentaion), that it is possible to import mail from an archive-folder. I already have setup my helpdesk-mailbox. Is it possible to copy mails from other mailboxes (which are requests from my customers within a different mailbox) into my new (empty) helpdesk-mailbox through the archive function AFTER I´ve setup the helpdesk mailbox in zammad?

No. The archive mode can only be triggered during adding the mailbox in question to Zammad.
It imho also only makes a differences to the moment where it finds old mail and won’t have any useful effect on new incoming mails.

Also note that email servers behave differently especially in the creation date term which may cause Zammad to not correctly detect “old” mails if you’ve moved them into another mailbox.

Thank´s for your reply.

I moved some old mails into the archive folder of another mailbox and added this mailbox into my selfhost zammad instance.
It didn´t “find” the archive folder - neither in my already added mailbox, nor in the newly added one.

My mailboxes are hosted on my provider “AllInkl” and they already have a “archive” folder prepopulated. I added a newly folder called “archives”, which was not recognised too.

Please read the documentation to fully understand this feature - it has nothing to do with sub folders.

Thanks for your help. It asked after i defined a folder in the expert setting:

it asked me then what to do with the imported mails and I choose archive:

and after a while this error came up:

Seems it ran into some timeout, but don´t know on what end

Check your openresty log which is throwing the 504 in your direction.
Possibly it doesn’t wait long enough for Zammad to respond. That’s outside of our scope.

Sorry, but don´t know exactly where to find this log. Is it in a docker-container of the zammad-stack?

I can´t find anything in my nginx-reverseproxy-logs

Sorry but how should I be able to answer that question? I don’t know your stack configuration.
The error message you receive in your browser originates from “openresty” which is not part of our compose.

If you add like other proxies in front of our compose or replace ours with yours that’s entirely on you.