Import Mail from Outlook or other Mail-App

first of all: Zammad rocks!

There should be a way to import Messages from an 3rd party Mail app like Outlook.
Some customers send their support-mails to instead of
So the mails are received by an company Exchange-Server or other Mail-System.
There should be an easy way, to move these mails to zammad, with correct sender (customer) and correct title.
Any ideas of this?

I am solving this by configuring both Info and Support mailboxes in Outlook.

Right click the Mail and move it to the inbox of Support. There,Mark as unread. Zammad seems to import all unread Messages.

A second possibility is in configuring zammad to Take the reply to Header as Sender.

Then Just Forward the mail to supported,Putting the Senders Adresse in the reply to field.

Tried it an it works.

  1. Enable take reply-to header… in E-Mail Options
  2. Just foward the message and toke the original Sender as reply-to
    Thank you!
    But: Drag’n Drop would be easier :slight_smile:

Drag and drop works by adding the Support Mailbox to your email Client and dragging the Mail there.

And mark as unread

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Wrote a macro for Outlook to forward mails to Zammad:

Sub SendToZammad()

ans = MsgBox("Nachricht sofort weiterleiten?", vbYesNoCancel + vbQuestion, "Weiterleiten")

If ans = vbCancel Then Exit Sub

Dim objMsg As MailItem
Dim newMsg As MailItem

Set objMsg = ActiveExplorer.Selection(1)
Set newMsg = objMsg.Forward

newMsg.Recipients.Add ""
newMsg.ReplyRecipients.Add objMsg.SenderEmailAddress
newMsg.Body = objMsg.Body
newMsg.HTMLBody = objMsg.HTMLBody
newMsg.Subject = objMsg.Subject

If ans = vbYes Then
End If

Set objMsg = Nothing
Set newMsg = Nothing
End Sub
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Really cool Idea. Like some Kind of zammad Outlook addin :slight_smile:

I will use it

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