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Hello, I am about to import from Zendesk to Zammad, but I can not find the Zendesk import tool? Can someone explain me?

The Zendesk migrator is available during the installation wizard is enabled.
When starting after a fresh install, you have the option to setup a new Zammad or to migrate from another system. If you choose the second point, you’ll have the possibility to migrate from Zendesk or OTRS.

Found it. Thanks alot. I started to import, but I got an error message so I stopped the migration. And now when I am entering my url it doesnt accept the url… Any ideas?

What does your production.log say?
What was the error? :wink:

Wow, thanks for quick reply!

The error was

“undefined method `id’ for nil:NilClass”

Production logs says alot, is there something I should look for?

E, [2019-03-06T17:54:03.447105 #11078-46962103218480] ERROR – : ImportJob ‘Import::Zendesk’ failed: undefined method `id’ for nil:NilClass

E, [2019-03-06T17:54:03.447218 #11078-46962103218480] ERROR – : undefined method `id’ for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)

Is what I found.

Is there a way to restart it, or just skip it?

The error part is good, is there some more output after the error with gems and stuff maybe?
This would really help.

You can reset Zammad to start new, but I guess this won’t help you if the error is persistent.
The following also applies to Zendesk import when wanting to start new:

I dont find any other messages after that, no.

But I skipped the import, and its working now with only the successfull imports.

Thanks for your help anyway! :slight_smile:

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