Import CSV - Organization or Users First? - Recommended Method Advice

I have created custom fields under organization and users first. This then shows on the example CSV form when you export.

Question 1: Does the CSV export always show you live data or is there a limit?

I created some users through GUI interface to view how an organization is connected to users/customers when I do export.

Question 2: On my review it looks like User/Customers are connected to organization through the Members field?

Screenshot Organization Example:

Question 3 If I added to member field and did a import would a user get created? /

Screenshot User Example:

Question 4 If I added Organisation 02 to organization field and did a import would a new organization get created?

Reviewing this I think you are better importing the users first before importing organizations? (or it might not matter at all)

Question 5 What the recommended order/method of importing Users & Organizations.

Thanks for taking the time in reading this post. :+1:

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Note: I have reviewed it again and now think it does not matter.

No it doesn’t. It’s always just a selection of data. So if exporting the “example csv”, you’re technically never exporting the whole dataset that would be available.

This has to practical reasons:

  • you normally just need an example, so e.g. 10 records usually are enough to get the idea
  • performance, the more data you fetch the longer the csv export would take
    • users are impatient :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, however, this is just a usability thing for you. It’s a bit different under the hood. The members column would allow you to define members during creation. That’s crucial where your users are already available.

This directly gets me to your 5th question:

Hell yeah it can matter depending on what you want.
If you’re planning to use domain specific alocation, your Organization has to be available before the user. Zammad does check for this alocation exactly once: During user creation.

I believe it shouldn’t be created. First- and Lastname are mandatory fields which you can’t supply via importing an Organization. This indirectly depends on question 2 and 5 I believe.

Yes, Zammad will either update an existing organization or create a new one!

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Post Summary

Main Question:

Question 5 What the recommended order/method of importing Users & Organizations.


From this information provided in most cases (not all) importing your organization first makes more sense.

Thanks again @MrGeneration for providing additional information regarding all my Five Questions.

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