IMAP::BadResponseError: User is authenticated but not connected

Suddenly after the vacation it is not possible to receive new messages.

The log file contains the following:

I, [2023-01-02T08:09:43.708329 #1909979-112360] INFO – : fetching imap (Sign in to Outlook port=993,ssl=true,starttls=false,folder=INBOX,keep_on_server=true,auth_type=XOAUTH2)
E, [2023-01-02T08:09:46.165685 #1909979-112360] ERROR – : Can’t use Channel::Driver::Imap: #<Net::IMAP::BadResponseError: User is authenticated but not connected.>
E, [2023-01-02T08:09:46.165801 #1909979-112360] ERROR – : User is authenticated but not connected. (Net::IMAP::BadResponseError)

  • Used Zammad version: 5.3.1
  • Used Zammad installation type: (package)

We’re experiencing the same problem with Microsoft 365.
I’m in contact with Microsoft support, but so far they just ran some standard diagnostics…

We are experiencing the same problem. The problem seems to be started at 27 december.
We are using 4 imap connections to 365 exchange and all are experiencing the problem.
Al 4 connections are experiencing the error ‘not connected’.

For as far as i can find it seems that the imap connection is working but their is no connection made
to the inbox folder. In the “Channel” you can set the folder/tag for zammad, but it looks like it isn’t working either.

When using thunderbird e-mail client with the same settings as zammad the imap connection is working, so it looks like a zammad problem.

We have integrated several mailboxes. But neither the INBOX nor any other folder works.

Do you also use XOAUTH2 there?

For us, the issue started at 26th of December.
After that, I configured a local Thunderbird with OAuth 2.0 and experienced the same issue there.
Today Thunderbird started working without any intervention from my side, but Zammad’s mail channels are still broken.

Hi Philip,

about the Channel settings, i have the same results. I have always left the field empty,
as i interpreted the documentation you should be able to set it something else than
the default “inbox” value. But it looks like zammad doesn’t process this field.

About Thunderbird:
Connection security: ssl/tls
Authorisation: Oauth2

Still googling of course and found this link:

maybe it is an exchange issue ?


i have found this article on microsoft:

For thunderbird they are pointing to disable ipv6.

My pc with thunderbird only has ipv6 and is working fine, but my zammad server is using ipv6 so maybe there may be some truth in this?

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Hi flittel,

thanks, that did the trick! I disabled IPv6 on my Zammad server and everything is back working.
That also explains my temporarily Thunderbird issues, as I was on different connections.

I will report this to Microsoft as I have already an open ticket with them.

Yes, it works for me too.

@fbskp You can let me know when you have an answer from Microsoft and it works again. I would like to turn IPv6 back on.

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According to Thunderbird users on Hetzner’s forum Microsoft stated that this issue has been fixed already. Note that they use configuration caching and stuff so the actual solvage on your tennant might take some time.

You may want to play safe, possibly in 2 days check again or so.


disabling iv6 indeed did it.

@MrGeneration, thank you for your reply. For now we will play it for safe!

I received the following answer from Microsoft support regarding IPv6 issues:

[…] it is purely something that hasn’t been implemented to the eco-system perfectly yet. It is more of a request feature, where our feedback portal would be utilized.

I will leave that uncommented from my side…

IPv6 is working for me again.

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