IMAP server does not store outgoing emails - How can I change this?

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I have integrated my Office365 mailbox into Zammad and noticed that sent items sent via Zammad are being stored on the Exchange server. Unfortunately, an IMAP server based on ESMTP Postfix running on Debian does not store outgoing emails. Is there a way to change this setting on the server so that outgoing emails are also saved just like incoming emails?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Postfix is a MTA, afaik it never stores mails in default configuration. Storing mails is part of a MDA, MUA or mail client. You can write a bcc rule, where postfix copies all sent mails to an internal mailbox.

I plan to switch from Liveagent to Zammad. In Liveagent there was the same problem: It fetched incoming mails from the IMAP mailbox, but outgoing mails where not stored in our email server - which is a problem if you want to archive outgoing mails.

So we had to BCC all outgoing mails to a different mail box (“”) - which is also not nice (incoming mails are archived in one IMAP, outgoing mails in a different IMAP).

@MrGeneration is there a better way to handle this (store all incoming/outgoing mails in one IMAP box, which can be archived separately)?

Where would I do that in Zammad? Create a “trigger”? Or a “macro”?
I find not see “BCC all outgoing mails to …” option in the settings yet.

This has imho nothing to do with zammad. Postfix is a MTA. It takes mails given via smtp and delivers the mail to the given destination. No matter, where the destination is located.

The storing part or the delivering to a local users mailbox is the task of a MDA, for example i use dovecot. When you want to store outbound mails handled by postfix, then you have to set your bcc rule in your postfix config. The bcc‘ed mail is then stored by your local MDA. (Not by postfix itself)

Thanks for the explanation - but do not administrate my own mailserver, so I may not be able to change such configurations.

I can provide access to the IMAP box (hosted by my email provider), so that Zammad can fetch the incoming mails, and I can give access to the SMTP server (from my email provider) so that it can send mails.

The missing feature of ticked systems seems to be that they do not save sent mails in the IMAP box, like (single user) email software typically does.

The problem with that is, that I don’t have a copy of all incoming/outgoing mails in one mailbox. That is very useful in case the ticket software fails to work (I still can use any email client and receive/send mails), and very useful for archiving purposes (I can easily archive mails via e.g. Thunderbird, in a format readable by email clients - which is much easier than archiving the database contents in a human readable form).

I understand that it may be difficult for a ticket software to store outgoing mails in the sent folder of an IMAP account - but I then need at least every outgoing mail sent as BCC to a different mails box. I hope that can be configured in Zammad.

Maybe you can host a small internal webserver, which can receive data from webhooks and than for example with a small php script you can send the data to an email address.

To do so, you can create a trigger with:

Article - Action is - created
Article - Type is - Email
Article - Sender is - Agent


So within Zammad it is NOT possible to send outgoing mails as BCC to another address?

I found this - “hidden settings”:

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You can use the system bcc address mentioned in the hidden settings to blind copy all outgoing mails to another mailbox. This is a global setting and affects all outgoing mails and does not sort mails into different locations for you.