Images in Emails - Turn off Security that hides Images like Thunderbird

We’d like to have a feature that turns off the security which doesnt’ show certain images in emails.

For example, we are getting a lot of customer mails from eBay where the customer has to send us a picture because our customer support has to take a look at the picture to see whats wrong.

With Zammad my customer support isn’t able to watch these images as Zammads security policy doesn’t allow them.

I really like the security you’re putting on Zammad but me as a customer needs the simple opportunity to turn that off because we can’t read the mail properly:


and this is the mail when I open it as original formatted

2021-07-14 08_40_26-Window

Same goes for Newsletter, like EVERY Newsletter



Please give me as a customer the opportunity to see Emails like they used to be. Now in 2021 we are getting more images as ever before.

I know Thunderbird is also doing this but to be honest thats the most annoying thing I know on Thunderbird and everyone I know is turning it off instantly or allows certain domains.

So a whitelisting for Domains would be nice, especially if you work with:

  • Ebay
  • Auction Plattforms
  • Newsletter
  • Anything with Images

I like the thought off security but if my customer support clicks on a phishing link because they couldn’t see an email correct, then the security is gone.

Showing it original formatted is a workaround but not very confortable.

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