I-doit Integration fails after Upgrade to i-doit 1.19.0

since the update to idoit version 1.19.0 the integration function to idoit does not work anymore. The dropdown field in Zammad remains empty. In idoit I can call old tickets from Zammad.
We are using Zammadversion 5.2.3 as self-hosted Version on Docker
JSON-RPC API is up to date (1.13)
To check the settings we used the tutorial i-doit — Zammad documentation.

In Zammad, a status error “200” is issued under Settings / Integrations / idoit if an https URL is used as endpoint.
“accept-encoding: gzip;q=1.0,deflate;q=0.6,identity;q=0.3\naccept: /\nuser-agent: Zammad User Agent\nhost: \ncontent-type: application/json\nconnection: close\ncontent-length: 93\n\n{"method":"cmdb.object_types","params":{"apikey":"kxlhrdl98aow8o8k"},"version":"2.0","id":42}”
“date: Thu, 13 Oct 2022 11:27:02 GMT\nserver: Apache/2.4.41 (Ubuntu)\nset-cookie: PHPSESSID=f0b53im690edjkg7mtkq0aljhr; path=/; secure; HttpOnly, PHPSESSID=nan94e70uoqm2biv6o398r6p21; path=/; secure; HttpOnly, PHPSESSID=deleted; expires=Thu, 01-Jan-1970 00:00:01 GMT; Max-Age=0; path=/; secure; HttpOnly\nexpires: Thu, 19 Nov 1981 08:52:00 GMT\ncache-control: no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate\npragma: no-cache\ni-doit-authorized: \ncontent-length: 122\nconnection: close\ncontent-type: application/json\n\n{"id":42,"jsonrpc":"2.0","error":{"code":-32099,"message":"i-doit system error: Unable to retrieve mandator","data":null}}”

“Unable to retrieve mandator” should indicate an incorrect API key. However, this has already been recreated twice and entered on both sides.
Can any value be entered as Client-ID and where must it be stored in i-doit?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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I’d like to quote our documentation here (i-doit — Zammad documentation):

You may want to check with i-doit documentation - client ID is mandatory but if it has to be a valid or specific value is unknown and unclear to me. It wasn’t 2 years ago.

Please check with i-doit if you’re unsure on why i-doit claims the key is wrong when you’re sure it isn’t.

The version can’t be the problem. We’re running zammad 5.3.0 and i-doit 1.19 - everything’s working just fine. The integration has been working fine since zammad 2.2.01 and i-doit 1.9.4 in our environment.

https URL is used for the endpoint and no client ID was provided.

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