I-doit auto-mapping

  • Used Zammad version: 3.1
  • Used Zammad installation source: DEB
  • Operating system: Debian/GNU Linux 9


should it be possible, to link a ticket to an existing cmdb-item (from i-doit) automatically or only manually?
If automatically, how is the mapping done? Currently, in my setup, it’s not linking automatically.

BR, Christian

Hey @ckatterl,

well currently it’s done manually only.

Technically you could create some script to do this automatically. But there are a few dependencies to do this (what data is given when you create a ticket which could help do identify the object etc).



well…basically, monitoring tickets do always contain the hostname in the form “Host: myhost.tld”, for exmple…
Additionally, it would be nice to see the customer’s items…to choose

BR, Christian


if so, mapping the object automatically would be possible.

If you’re using check_mk there’s already a solution made by don't panic:

If not you’d need to fiddle around with the i-doit API to get the objectid and attach it to the corresponding ticket attribute.

That’s currently not possible but if i remember correclty we had some chat about this last week with @martini and @chris. It was nothing obligatory though. Just some “yeah that would be nice” talk.

You could create a FR for this. Keep in mind it’s probably pretty difficult to achieve since everyone handles i-doit differently.


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