HowTo implement "delegated e-mailing"


i have a use case that i’d like to implement using Zammad, but i’m not sure if it’s feasible.

I want to use Zammad to track the communication between all of the tennants of our house and some contractors. I’d be the “delegate” that creates a Ticket in Zammad, send it to the contractor and provide access to the ticket to all intetested tennants in our house.

The problem is, that i’d also like to use Zammad for other purposes than this. That means, that i somehow would like to make tickets only visible for certain “groups”.

I’d like to restrict all tickets from different contractors to one “group of tennants”. Is that possible with Zammad?

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Bonus question: Would you setup the tennants as customer or agents?

Groups are used to restrict on a role / user basis and are exactly what you’re looking for:

Sorry I’m not sure what the goal of that question is.
It might help a lot to understand what agent permission actually mean for the user (as in what the user can access etc):

In general: A user that doesn’t work on tickets and is more of a communication partner, you’d usually don’t want to give that use agent permissions. It potentially leaks information depending on the person.

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So after trying around a bit and diging through the docs i came up with the following solution.

All of the tennants have a specific role that has only access to the tennant group. That way the tennants/agents do not have access to all tickets.
Tickets are created without an assigned user. Instead i’m assigning a “tennant” group to the ticket.

so the solution is as already mentioned by @MrGeneration: Groups

Thanks a lot!