How to view forwarded .eml files inside Zammad

When using Zammad 4.1 there seems to be no way to see a forwarded .eml file

Our Customers seem to use Outlook a lot and if they get a mail from they Customers, they “forward” it to us, which makes it a .eml file as an attachment to a message, and our Zammad Support agent now has no way to see the contents of that .eml file - is that intended behavior? i would either epect to see it like in gmail as “fowarded message” part inline or at least being able to view the content of the attaced .eml without downloading it

Are we talking about an inline attachment or attachment being forwarded?
If the mail is forwarded as attachment, of course we will provide it as an attachment.

All EML attachments have to be downloaded for security reasons and won’t be displayed within the application itself.

whats the security reason behind it? Its the one thing that currently breaks zammad for me as there is no program (known to me) that is not an email client that can view .eml files, i dont know how customers forward emails ~ and i dont care as i cannot educate my customers, so i am stuck at that point.

to read .eml file, you can download Thunderbird to open it. Actually, outlook can open .eml file as well. Not sure whether that is what you need?

So you’re telling me you can’t download the received email, look inside it to tell us how the email was composed? Sorry, but -from your point of view- how should we help you at this point?

Nobody asked you to educate your customers.
Sorry for asking questions to help you better.

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