How to use groups


  • Used Zammad version: 3.4.0
  • Operating system: OpenSuse LEAP 15.2


we use several 2nd level support groups or sales group with experts. We have a default “service” group for all initial tickets from the service mailbox. Service agents are forwarding difficult tickets to 2nd level or sales groups.
Passing an expert full permission for the 2nd level group, he can only see those tickets in his overview. Thus he is able to see when there is a new unassigned ticket for his group.
However we like to provide all users view access to all groups, because some group leader, not being member of any service group, also wants to see tickets and status.
Therefore we have these permissions for every user: Read and Overview access for all groups, Full access for only his group.

The drawback: The important overview all_unassigned now shows all tickets, not only the specific for his group. I tried to create a new overview like “Unassgned in my group”, but I can’t filter on the group of the user, because users don’t belong to group but just have permissions for groups…

How could we configure this better?

Best regards.

Like you already noticed I don’t think it’s possible to create a filter for “my group” so we simply created one overview for each group with the group name in the overview name. That way you can browse through the different groups and look at the tickets.

We have a similar case. We have a buying department, with one agent in that group.
When that colleague assigns a ticket to the IT department, that ticket is not visible for the buying department.

Due to that, we added “read” permissions for the groups. The problem than is that zammad will show all tickets in activity stream.

You could possibly work with role specific overviews for a specific (set of) group(s).
Owner assignments might help in these situations too.

However, in my opinion it’s a workflow issue you can’t really workaround.
If you have a great idea how that would work in e.g. an overview a feature request on this board for voting may be a good idea.

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